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Hefei seventh wedding Expo highlights-"scratch"

Seventh wedding Expo ended, Hefei, Hefei Lottery "scratch" also wrapped up a two-day first "marriage Bo". It is understood that the wedding fair wedding, Hefei, covering all aspects of the service number of exhibitors, in addition to traditionally related to the wedding industry, welfare Lottery "scratch" joined for the first time to visit of members of the public who shines, greatly enhanced the site popularity, so that everyone in the tour at the same time, experience award-winning surprise.
Lottery invoicing into the wedding Expo, is the first case in Hefei. Although it is exhibiting for the first time, but the scene's popularity was unexpected. This times married Bo will, Hefei lottery that invoicing to "happiness moments, lottery for you added Fu luster" for theme, main push and wedding related of "love password", and "better life", and "rich more than", scraping scraping Le lottery, to phase box of form show has currently market Shang existing of wedding theme scraping scraping Le votes species, to roll up of form introduced has wedding lottery of novel and unique, site more has Lottery Center himself making and free delivery of "Fu bags", and "Hi bags" claimed people eye.
Effect of the event caused quite a stir, not only brings new surprises and pleasures, more conducive to the development of wedding industry, presents a unique and innovative ideas. BACK