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Costume photo become a hot Chase

This reporter recently interviewed found that a set of ancient art, became the choice of many young people.
Long building, located in the urban area of "ancient estates" is an ancient Han Yun Arts photo shoot mainly photo agencies. Photographer Sun Daoyong told reporters that since its opening in November of last year, they have taken over more than 50 citizens according to the art of pure classical Chinese culture as its theme, the largest of which has more than 50 years old, the youngest only three or four years, "like the Qin and Han dynasties Dunhuang flying Apsaras, Tang, song and rhyme, the golden age, is the theme of the performance.
Reporters on the scene know, White Snake theme photography with Zhenjiang regional customs, Zhenjiang people took up the theme. People's sister is about to go abroad after the Spring Festival, the Sisters ' photos, in order to show the world the beauty of Oriental show culture in Zhenjiang, both a small green and white costume photo shoot. Now the photo sister flew to a distant group of Dubai.
Take costume art picture, makes sense, not only allows us to show personal style, and allow us to finish China's splendid history and culture. BACK