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Cancel the wedding 30% wedding photography for liquidated damages rules intended to pay the full amount they should pay attention to

Cancel the wedding photos are scheduled to pay the full penalty
Tianjin Tanggu, a money Lady in a wedding photography studio ordering a set price for the 4700 wedding photography packages, complete wedding photography studio after giving some gifts. But then Miss money for various reasons, cannot be scheduled for wedding photography, wedding photography studio want to deduct 30% penalty and demand the return of gifts donated by, Miss money for wedding photography studios's conditions unacceptable, Tanggu Association requested staff to finally ask for help to mediate.
Association staff inform wedding photography studio owner, the contract law provisions of the deposit should be paid for all 20%, 940, wedding photography studio in advance the full amount in advance is wrong in itself, button 30% is again a violation of the law. Wedding photography studio owner insisted that the wedding photos and 30% penalty belongs to the unspoken rules of the wedding photography industry.
Wedding photography rules new people need to pay attention to
With the development of society, the couple shot a wedding has become a kind of fashion, generally larger wedding photography studio in advance for several months for an appointment, so that wedding photography studio's "unspoken rules" and "overbearing clause". Above, new people must pay attention to what is before the wedding photos wedding photography of unspoken rules, terms of Overlord, disagrees with consultations with Wedding Photography Studio, to protect their consumer rights, so that the original happy wedding photography will no longer have any disputes, instead of "deceived" caused more damage. BACK