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Filming kicked off the most beautiful wedding activities

"China daily August 23 telecommunications" after a week of preparations, the second city love shooting rail • the most beautiful wedding photos. This afternoon, the first 10 couples international city will be built in China, bloom their beauty. Of them has both married and unmarried people, today they will be here to enjoy a happy and sweet. Hefei natural wedding professional wedding photography for them to create "the most beautiful wedding photos for free". China international city iron built the most beautiful wedding event attracted about 200 couples enrolled, by random sampling, 20 couples are lucky enough to attend this event. They will become this summer's most beautiful people.
This afternoon, 10 couples will be divided into 5 groups, 5 time to start shooting, the newspaper will offer free vehicle pick-up. Hefei, the selected 20 couples from all walks of life, in order to advance to enjoy the happiness of marriage, in order to make up for a bit of regret. They all have a dream, it's "you and I" dream of love. We will participate in the award the most beautiful wedding of 20 couples to return 8 to "the most beautiful wedding", they will not only get sent out 500 gifts, while Hefei brand married to franc Wedding Services Ltd will also provide a gift, that is, they make thousands Yuan worth of wedding VCR. BACK