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Wedding photography industry Summit Forum opened in Qingdao

"August 29 in Qingdao telecommunications" August 26, a "fashion brands of wedding photography industry innovation and Development Forum" held in the peninsula City Press, this time by urban industry forum organized by the journal to have the wedding etiquette industry association, Qingdao City, Zhai Aijun President Li Guangchuan, city consumers Association Secretary-General's current status quo, and Castle wedding photography industry's future and development discussions.
Status: industry fast but the doping mess
"In recent years, the castle's wedding industry is developing rapidly, but mixed in chaos. "Li Guangchuan Secretary of city consumers Association said the pace of development of any industry from consumers for their reactions reflected," the development of faster, more complaints.
Bottleneck: VS for personalized mass production
"Wedding etiquette, President of the industry association, Zhai Aijun, Qingdao City, presents the $literal, after the couple growing individual demands contradict the bulk operation mode with the wedding photography industry.
Through this activity, for the standard wedding photography industry, Qingdao has promoted. BACK