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For newcomers to the city, the first Taiwan wedding

"Taiwan on August 30 the telecommunications", according to rating agency reported that from Fuzhou's newcomer Chen Liang and Lin Molan, 9th in Tainan a day of wedding photography tours. Qiu Xixun, Director of the Tainan commercial photography Association says, this is the first across the Strait to Taiwan tourist city, couple, wedding.
Tainan City Photography Association and the Tainan City Government, the Taichung World Trade Center, wedding Expo held in March this year went to Fuzhou, in contacts with local 250 couples, 15 on the first place, decided to life the happy moments, selective cross-sea to Tainan for the scene, finally shooting today.
Qiu Xixun responsible for making the couple photo shoot, said Chen Liang and Lin Molan, should travel through to Taiwan, Taiwan arrangements wedding photography the first couple. BACK