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Photographers the curse of "the power of final interpretation"

Recently, the qihe wedding photographers because "final interpretation be to all our" contract provisions, trade and industry investigation by qihe. Qihe business reminds consumers that shop called "the power of final interpretation" clause were suspected of violating, consumers can complain about.
Recently, LAU in a wedding photographers in qihe County apply for a membership card, membership card with "who pay a membership fee of 50 Yuan, you can choose three sets of clothes in the shop shooting." However, Liu in the shooting process, select clothes, only to be told that your choice of three suits do not include a wedding dress. Liu angry and confused, while the owners are given explanation is: "the wedding dress worn once dry cleaning, how much will it cost money? Am I going to let you choose a wedding dress for 50 Yuan "? Liu said: "clearly says on the membership is to choose a set of clothes! "The stores at this time took out the killer question," but clear and clearly marked on the membership, the power of final interpretation in the US ".
Qihe County industry and Commerce Bureau staff in October 2010, the State administration for industry and Commerce issued the contract violation monitoring approach, similar to the "this company has the final right to interpret" terms of unfair form clause was unlawful. The bridal shop is alleged to have used the format provisions limiting consumers ' rights of being illegal, qihe Bureau decided to conduct an investigation, the bridal shops will face administrative punishment of less than 30,000 yuan. BACK