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"2011 big Wuhan fall wedding photography Festival" in Spain the mystery unveiled

"International online September 18 telecommunications" on September 10, the "2011 autumn wedding photography in Wuhan" optical Valley Spain Street opening, which attracted Johnson to be married couple and love couples come to the consultation visit.
This wedding photography Festival with "photographic praising a city" as its theme. Nearly 20 wedding photography agencies and studios, jointly promote shows hundreds of stylish atmosphere, personality sets in different styles. Some romantic soft, gorgeous luxury. 5 pairs of handsome and beautiful models, and give you a wonderful, beautiful wedding ceremony.
It is reported that during the event, organizers also combined with Chu's network, the chutian metropolis network, Chu and other media named the 13 "2011 most popular wedding photography". In order to encourage the operating characteristics, the organizers deliberately added "Pioneer Award" and "best service award", "best quality award" and "best Studio" of 13 major individual awards.
Through this activity, organised wedding provides a facility for the new people and promoting the development of the wedding photography industry, an increase of exchanges around the world. BACK