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Classic wedding Lancome wedding photography studio can't afford

Classic wedding full of personalization elements of uncertainty and infinite possibilities. Wedding photo only once in a lifetime to make happy, sweet and beautiful, but also has its own style. Is personality more publicity to the new generation of young people now, it is free and viable integration of generation. Small wedding photography studio below takes you to a stroll.
Similar to film close-ups of the style. Have a strong memorable, has defected. Wedding photos link up, tell a beautiful story. A classic wedding photo with a story, that is after the bride needs wedding photos now. A story, one of our nature photos, new love story to emerge, there is bitter sweet.
Classic wedding photo not missing something in the mirror. No significant limitations on the choice of the mirror, as long as the mirror design minimalist, too complicated mirror will take some of the focus on the bride's eye, big mirror for vision, rather play bride pendulum pose pressures small mirror for making Jin Jing, especially of the bride's dress and appearance, this framing the bride needs to take into account only the appearance of it.
And, ultimately, the classic wedding jewelry decoration. If your wedding is large open collar design, it is recommended to choose a Crystal Necklace with a pendant, which will make the chest hollows; if you're wearing tight protruding body wedding dress, pairing simple and refined crystal jewelry, so as not to undermine the overall feeling.
See the classic elements of the wedding photos, surely you have some understanding, if we move a little brain, let it have the novelty effect, the urge to shoot the wedding do you want? Do not hesitate to act quickly and contact our online customer service. Show off your unique beauty. BACK