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Proposals for wedding dresses

Summary: If you are not really satisfied with their bodies, don't worry, every bride will more or less have some imperfections, they can choose a suitable wedding dress and visually improved. Small series with different body shapes with wedding photography the wedding dress of the bride should choose how.
Proposal for a
Pure traditional style red gown, pretty impressive. Quarter, stately and elegant, traditional-style red coat has become a fashion, full of graceful Oriental women temperament.
Proposal II
Charming, sweet, elegant suits, can not be ignored indeed wear index skyrocketing. Small collar buckle dress, sweet and refreshing, people from the heart good. If you want to be a charming pretty bride, choosing such a suit will give you considerably. In the color choice, should be dominated by bright, to foil a wedding festivity. This clothing, very practical, not just wearing beautiful on your wedding day, will also become the focus of attention in our daily life.
Proposals for three
Bride bought new lingerie is to figure a xixing Geely, but also help you get in shape in shape privacy tips. Bust figure small women, water bag bra is a must-have items. As long as you wear the BRA that can immediately hold a natural, full of peaks and stunning cleavage, makes you more mature woman. Underwear options are many, including a massage and healthy functioning of burning body fat even underwear, is to elevate apparel beauty must-have items, modify body curves. Especially on dresses, even more so. BACK