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Wedding photos of colour and the choice of wedding dress

Wants to know how the couple according to the colour, choose your wedding dress? Listen to Lancome small series of wedding photography studio to give you a good explanation.
Spring type colour of people: surface if peach, colour white in the through powder, crystal water tender, white transparent, shallow bright smooth, this is spring type colour of people unique of symbol, and this class colour of new General can select color not as of wedding, and not single of white wedding, like pink of wedding, pink wedding belongs to aesthetic romantic of wedding type style, pink not only can foil out new charming of looks, also makes colour Shang greatly added points, is spring type colour people of preferred.
Summer-skinned people:-Pan powder pink skin, glistening shaved cold beige skin, such as health after Sun care Tan and Tan skin. Black, dark brown, dark brown eyes, her eyes soft and friendly. Soft brown hair black. Such skin tones do not choose black wedding gowns and dresses, so will cover original color and temperament, LancĂ´me wedding photography Editor's recommendation is to select ivory gown or wedding dress, the color of wedding dress soft light the color up, and let the couple seemed very gentle and charming.
People of colour in autumn: warm, porcelain and even light ivory, ivory, dark ivory skin, there are a few fashion beautiful golden brown skin. Eyes calm intellectual, deep brown eyes, dark brown hair black. Autumn color suggests that over the years the baptism of mature Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant, small farm house hanging on the porch of the old corn, red peppers, remembering fashion cycle in the same camouflage green, midnight Party colorful gorgeous evening wear. So seemingly small relish's colors are very different, appropriate dress such as orange, light green.
People of colour in winter: high degree of ice blue-white skin and lightness, low clay-like cold yellow skin. Eye black, eyes sharp, black and white, bold hair, hair hard. Winter type color in winter as cold, warm and pure, saturated. Winter of red, red as blood like strong; winter of purple, ghosts love fans, is woman to against of noble; winter of green, Cui have flowery; winter of yellow, Ming have Qin people; winter of blue, pure have quiet; winter of dark deep unfathomable, light shallow to through as thin yarn; winter also has completely not doping color of pure of black and white gray. -Winter colour suitable wedding dress types such as: black, red. BACK