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Wedding photos are shot in a few months is appropriate

Wedding is a day, wedding photos can be selected, cloudy, rain tomorrow, the day after snow, these days couples can choose not to shoot the wedding, then what's the best time for their wedding photos? Some raised their hands, how many months to shoot wedding photography is appropriate.
June to August small make up the main month of the wedding photography, this is one the most beautiful season in two months, all exterior flowers of day, the weather is not hot (small series know the hottest part of the cast in August to September. ), Plenty of sunshine, and lush, new people are going to the beach or to the foot, is to grassland or go to the Woods, are very beautiful and pretty, and this time has passed May 1 holidays, crowds also faded a lot, each attraction is less congested, not when you're shooting on location, to prevent the tourists to steal. You can choose your favorite wedding dress of the bride, not taken into account in the winter to keep warm only long sleeve wedding dresses, tube top, sleeveless wedding dresses can be big enough to put on at this time, let envy envy to it. In fact is not only for the bride, the groom, too, particularly for body fat of the groom, in the winter if the weather had to suit so many clothes and look very bloated, but this time is a cool season, suit against wear to look good both slim and photogenic, so why not?
Remind Tip: while the weather is good this time, but was infested with mosquitoes began, therefore, Lancome wedding photography Editor to remind here, selected for their wedding photos in this season so be sure to bring a bottle of mosquito repellent is water. BACK