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I'm going to shoot the wedding performance

I'm going to shoot the wedding is the greatest thing in life to make a beautiful wedding is every bride's dream, then, how to take beautiful photos? Wedding shoot grasping posture is particularly important, model is related to the perfect is not tacky wedding here and wedding photography studio with small series to explore how to take wedding photos!
Head slightly upward, and nose look smaller. His nose on a slightly higher position than the lens, can make the face look more beautiful, and to reduce the lower part of the eye shadow. Natural stand up straight, straight back, long legs, hips, curves will come out and face will sparkle. If you would like your face changes depth, then you lean forward, which would look more depth. I'm going to shoot the wedding was so perfect.
I'm going to shoot the wedding never excited, to maintain a sense of balance can make good photos. Imagine that you are the most beautiful person, don't worry about their looks does not look good, be relaxed and confident. Smile is the most photogenic face, but photos don't laughed, so as not to eye fine lines of the week obviously, lost its manners. Tighten the jaws, face presents an elegant pose, eyes slightly from the bottom upwards, will become more intense, eyes bigger.
Displays of affection in the eye, photos can be affectionate. Even if it's just a POSE, please imagine you are laughing and listening to a lover complained, don't they look straight at her eyes dull. When we face the camera, eyes can't help but become stiff. Try to forget the camera, showing the most natural look will make your photo look more immersive. Often in front of a mirror practicing how memorable look, over time will be able to hold on to your most beautiful look. BACK